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July 2016

Impressions Open House


June 2016

The manufacturing starts again

March 2016

While the work on the facade is in full swing, all work inside the hall has been completed. Currently, the new machines and systems are being set up and connected. Now the time has come to start up the machines and train the staff on site!

Everybody is thrilled about the size and brightness of the hall as well as the planning of the new production process. We are confident that, step by step, we can start up production again in April - as planned. Stay curious.


January 2016

With giant steps towards completion of our new hall!

First machines and systems already being installed. Our new filter system for dust extraction is suspended from the crane. At the same time, electricians and heating engineers are in the process of supplying our hall with the necessary energy. Thanks to the mild winter, the work to date could be finished in record time.

Some of our employees are already being trained at the manufacturers’ on how to operate the new equipment and machinery. The computer connection and control of the machines will still require many hours of adjustments and training to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the installation phase of the machines from February to April.

October 2015

Kehler Zeitung, 24 September 2015, Martin Egg

The phoenix rises from the ashes

Following a full-blown fire renovation work is progressing full steam ahead at Schreinerei Kleinhans joinery

Schreinerei Kleinhans defies being partly destroyed by a fire in July: a new hall shell construction is supposed to be standing by the end of this year. The 52 employees are currently being accommodated at associated businesses.

Kehl. Everything is going according to plan with the rebuilding of the Schreinerei Kleinhans product hall destroyed by a fire on 10 July in Königsberger Straße. According to company boss Markus Kleinhans the removal of the floor plate can already be started on Monday next week. The building application to erect a new 1,200 square metre hall has been submitted, the company boss is reckoning on the building permit, the “Rote Punkt” at the start of October.

The rest of the schedule is as follows: the topping out ceremony is to be celebrated at the end of the year, then the closing of the structure could be started in January. And in February Kleinhans is expecting to move new machinery into the hall which should be ready to use by April.

The great solidarity, which many of his competitors in the industry showed on that day, is to thank for Kleinhans’ production not coming to a stop so far: the business in Kehl has found supporters at the companies Helia Ladenbau (Oberkirch), Renchener Schreinerei Schitt, Fensterbau Hollenberger in Oberkirch and the Singen company Lauber, who are helping it out with their special machinery.

Kleinhans defends rumours by stating that none of its 52 employees have lost their jobs due to the fire, this also applies to the eight apprentices in total: according to the boss, two of them are being accommodated at the Offenburg company Krocker, one at the Schreinerei Kubitschek (Neumühl), another at Fensterbau Mossmann in Offenburg. The others were being trained in the Kleinhans kitchen studio that was not affected by the fire and are mainly helping with fitting work in customers’ homes.

According to Markus Kleinhans the cause of the fire is still unclear, the initial suspicion of arson investigated by the public prosecution has not been corroborated though. The search for the possible cause was difficult for the fire experts anyway because the hall had to be torn down to fight the fire, explains Kleinhans.
The joinery’s boss has made a claim with his insurance company for a machinery loss of EUR 2.7 million and building damage of EUR 1.2 million. Kleinhans cannot put a figure on the loss as a result of interrupted operations that lasted twelve months due to the insurance company. This will only be calculated in 2017.

A family business

Markus Kleinhans speaks to the Kehler Zeitung about the “not exactly rosy period in trades”; many of his colleagues had therefore advised him in July to take the money from the insurance company and close down the business. However, this was never an issue for him, assures Kleinhans, who is the second generation to manage the business and the father of two children who he hopes will succeed him at some point one day.

Last but not least the company boss emphasises his responsibility towards the employees, some of whom have been part of the joinery for just under three decades. These people are his “family” too, he says.

Master carpenter Markus Kleinhans (50) is standing at the spot where his production hall was still situated up to July. Its outline can still be clearly seen on the adjacent office building. A new hall, which will also encompass 1,200 square metres, will soon be built on the same spot. The building application has been submitted, Kleinhans is reckoning on the building permit at the start of October.
If everything goes according to plan, the shell construction will be standing by the end of the year so that the closing of the structure can be started in January. In February the machinery is then supposed to move in so that production can be restarted in April. Photo: Martin Egg
A heap of rubble: Schreinerei Kleinhans a few days after the fire. Archive photo: Ellen Matzat
Large-scale operation for Kehl fire brigade late in the evening of 10 July in Königsberger Straße – the Schreinerei Kleinhans production hall is on fire. Archive photo: Martin Egg

Almost unbelievable!

August 5, 2015

The demolition proceeded apace and just three weeks after the fire is out of the production hall, only the base plate left. Here will be decided in a further step, if this is still to renovate.

On this surface, our new production facility for furniture and window production will be created. Initial plans by the architect and structural analyzes are already, also talks have already been held with the local planning authority in order to meet current building codes. We also inform us of the latest production technology and machinery, collect quotations and already lead first contract negotiations. It is necessary to purchase a new complete machinery and this in record time.

The solidarity of our colleagues is unbroken, so that we could now accommodate three of our trainees in friendly Joiner. These now lead their education without hindrance and to prepare optimally for the final examination in the coming year.

We also went into cooperation agreements with carpenters and window manufacturers, with whom we now share our orders execute in order in the usual Kleinhans quality to serve our customers.

Together with our collaborations we meet this challenge and we are pleased to offer our customers and business partners an ultramodern and efficient production next spring.

We will keep at this point still up to date!

Despite fire damage , the action proceeds

On Friday night, 10 july 2015, there was a fire on our property,
the partially affected our production. One of our buildings had burned for unknown reasons.

Our company still goes on Monday further, because our administration has not been affected.
The paint and manufacture of the windows, the kitchen studio and the bearings are undamaged.

Thanks to our good regional network, we can still handle all orders and ship as soon as possible.
We are sure that we, despite these adversities, can limit the extent of delays to a minimum. For your questions we are of course at any time.

The help and the great sympathy that we have learned now, is overwhelming.
We would like to sincerely thank all of you.

We will keep you at this point in the loop.

Christiane and Markus Kleinhans

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